Tina Jereb (Hižar)

Tell us a little about yourself:

I am Tina Jereb (Hižar), former cross-country ski runner and trail runner. With my twin sister Ines, we won Team Trail World Championship, which was held in Borneo, Malesia. Besides being a world top athlete, when I put a lot of effort for every achievement, I consider as my biggest success in my life a fact, that I still like sport. I like to run on the road, mountain or snow, but just for fun.

What or who inspires you?

My family – husband, daughter and son. Also, smiling and honest people and active spending of my free time.

What are you passionate about?

I like to travel with my family and recreation with them and my friends.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

People can always count on me.

Fun fact about you?

I can be fun and also childish. Friends and my husband say that I am perfectionist and they like to give me advice: “Stop for a while and take a deep breath”. I guess they are right ????.

Where is your home town?

Medvode, Ljubljana

What are your two favorite places in Slovenia (besides home town)?

Bohinj for its gorgeous nature ad fresh air, Prekmurje for its delicious food and hospitable natives.

What are three places where you would take your friend who’s never been to Slovenia before?

Bled, Piran, Ljubljana.

What’s your favorite race/event/camp in Slovenia (to participate or to watch)?

Ljubljana Marathon, Taste of Ljubljana (Odprta kuhna), Ptuj carneval.

What is your favorite traditional Slovenian food?

Štruklji, sauer kraut

What do you think Slovenia is famous for?

For its green nature and the size – in two hours you can experience mountains and Mediterranean Sea.

Favorite Slovenian movie/song?

Petelinji zajtrk, Avsenikova Golica

How would you describe Slovenia in three words?

Beautiful, green, hospitable.

Lepa, zelena, gostoljubna.

Where can people find you?

Facebook: Tina Jereb