Honey is traditional Slovenian product. Well, we don’t just eat honey with bread and butter, we put honey in desserts, food, and even in alcohol – honey brandy.

Beekeeper Herman

We visited a beekeeper in Goričko region. He has beehive at his farm. Because of the hospitality of those people, they will always offer you something. So, he offered us a honey brandy. I am not a big fan of this drink, but I was trying to be polite. So, I tried it. It was the best alcoholic drink I’ve ever had! I didn’t know if I drink a sweet alcohol drink or liquid honey! That is why I don’t have a picture.

He showed us, how bees are making honey. We were so lucky! We saw a queen bee, looking for a good place to hatch her eggs! It was amazing experience, watching her, being surrounded with all the bees without any equipment and felt safe!

Queen bee: while we were observing bees, we saw a queen bee. The beekeeper told us, that she doesn’t pick food by herself. All the other bees are in charge to provide food for her.

There was a lady from Belgium. She was researching how beekeepers are still making honey in a traditional way. That means, that after they are pouring honey, they leave bees alive!!! I was shocked. This is the only way I know how to make honey…is there a different, more rude way? Guess so.

A lady from Belgium, ready for her interview

Before we left the farm, we visited his animals. This was my favorite.

Pig Filip

Sheep Maja

Pig and sheep are named after characters in the cartoon Maya the Bee :).

THINGS TO DO at the farm:

Watching and listening to the bees

Cuddle their rabbits

Picking apples

Feeding animals: a curious duck peeking what is going on