Are you ready to visit a country, where you can find almost everything? In 8-day tours offered through Mateja Travel, you will tour four different regions: the Swiss Alps (in Slovenia they are called the Julian Alps), the Mediterranean Sea (the Adriatic Sea is part of the Mediterranean Sea), the Karst Plateau (with amazing caves and Lipizzaner horses), and the Pannonian Plain (with rolling hills and spas on almost every corner). Of course, not to mention that every region has different culinary traditions.

Are you ready to explore, learn, and have new experiences? Do you want to walk on a frozen lake in Triglav National Park in the winter time and have lunch with a view of the Adriatic Sea in one day? Run around Lake Bled and change your clothes like Olympic champions (we provide locker rooms in the Olympic Rowing Center next to Lake Bled)? Hike with the most experienced guides you can find in Slovenia? Try the real Mediterranean diet? Are you ready for more?

Book your trip now for a $100 discount. If you bring a friend, you can get another $100 off. If you have a group of friends (5 people or more) booking the same trip, you will all get $200 off.

Visit Slovenia before Climate Change changes everything!