Benjamin “Beni” Savšek

Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in Brod, small town in the suburb of Ljubljana city near the famous canoe course Tacen by the Sava river and it seems like the paddle and canoe has been placed in my cradle than. When I was young, our family holidays we often spend by and on the rivers of Slovenia, my favourite is smaragd beauty Soca river. Now, as I train canoe slalom for approx 22 years I reached many succses. I am famous for being very fast, have a excellent stroke in the padlle, but also make a lot of touches on the course, but still fast enough to beat the sport competition fighters.

With my gold medal on World championship in 2017 they put me beside other Slovene sports legends as it has been the first gold for the C-1 in the history of Slovenia in this sport category.

Who or what inspires you?

My inspirational sentence:

»The toughest win is to beat yourself.« (Platon)

What are you passionate about?

Canoing is one of my biggest life occupation and happines as I love my job I am doing. Wild water in its several stages is my motivation and inspiration. While canoing I find peace in my mind and also healthy adrenalin in my veines.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

My daughter Anaja and my son Arne, my biggest love and inspiration in my life

My best sport achievements: Canoe Slalom World Champion 2017 and silver medalist in 2014 and 2015.

The highest Slovenia state award for sport achievements in 2017.

Describe your hometown!

For me Ljubljana (Slovenian capital) is the most beautiful town in the world I have ever seen. It is not too big, and center is closed to traffic, so you can walk through the center and see all the beauties of the city. Centre is surrounded by a Ljubljanica River with beautiful castle and nice people. There are also very good restaurants in center with lot of different culinary to try.

What is your favorite place in Slovenia (next to your hometown)? Why?

Lake Bohinj – nice place to swim in the lake which is in Triglav National Park.

What is a place you would take a friend who’s never been to Slovenia before? Why there?

Soča river (in Bovec) surrounded by a beautiful nature and mountains; there are a lot of possibilities for outdoor activities.

What is your favorite race, event or camp in Slovenia (to participate in or to watch)?

Canoe slalom World Cup in Tacen wild water stadium. There is always a good atmosphere in my home town.

I was running Ljubljana Half Marathon; it was a great time and a lot of people were participating.

What is your favorite typical Slovenian food?

A typical Sunday lunch: potatoes (in Slovenia we have a special way to make it), beef soup, beef meat from the soup.

What do you think Slovenia is famous for?

– Small country with incredible good and famous sport athletes around the world.

– Wonderful natures

Your favorite Slovenian movie and/or song?


How would you describe Slovenia in three words?

Gorgeous, great people, blue & green.

How can people get in touch with you?

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Benjamin Savšek Athlete