Are you ready to visit a country, where you can find almost everything? In 8-day tours offered through Mateja Travel, you will tour four different regions: the Swiss Alps (in Slovenia they are called the Julian Alps), the Mediterranean Sea (the Adriatic Sea is part of the Mediterranean Sea), the Karst Plateau (with amazing caves […]

Learn about the culture, sports and geography of Slovenia in three presentations in branches of the Seattle Public Library. Meet Mateja Travel’s Mateja Lončar at the Northgate Branch (10548 5th Ave NE) on Tuesday, Sep. 4; at the Ballard Branch (5614 22nd Ave NW) on Wednesday, Sep. 5; and at the Broadview Branch (12755 Greenwood Ave N) […]

Honey is traditional Slovenian product. Well, we don’t just eat honey with bread and butter, we put honey in desserts, food, and even in alcohol – honey brandy. Beekeeper Herman We visited a beekeeper in Goričko region. He has beehive at his farm. Because of the hospitality of those people, they will always offer you […]

“Are we hungry?”, asked Škof. “Aren’t we always?” was my answer. He just shrugged his shoulders. He didn’t want to argue with me, so I ordered a small snack. While we were eating, we didn’t talk much because it was delicious: ham, salami, and pate with homemade bread and a glass of wine. Snack and […]

Just a little bit less than 2 hours from Ljubljana, Slovenian capital, is Prekmurje, a northeast part of Slovenia. About 60 million years ago, there was Thetis Sea. Thetis Sea was named after Achilles’s mom. You can’t find the sea there any more, what you can find is a fertile black soil and hospitable . […]

I met Johannes after a hike in Jezersko region. He was very friendly and I asked him to tell me his impression about Slovenia. Here is what he said after seeing this view. “This country has really surprised us, for a number of reasons. Clearly, Slovenia is a very outdoor minded country with splendid hikes in […]

For the past five years, I have spent three (summer) months in Slovenia, the country where I was born and raised. Each year, before I come home, I make a plan with my best friend, Nataš(sh)a, regarding when we will take “our day off.” When we have chosen the day, we decide where to go. […]

Hello Mateja and Simon, Thank you again for such a fun and informative program last Tuesday evening. I really enjoyed our conversation and my daughter really liked your little “Matthews.” It was very interesting hearing about your beautiful country. Since my wife spent two years in Romania, when I got home she asked if you […]

Thank you for speaking at the Colfax Rotary Club today.  It was one of the best presentaions we have had this year and captivated most of our attendees.  I had offered to try get you invited to the other Rotary Clubs in our area. -Carl Ogren,

“We thoroughly enjoyed a recent visit to Ljubljana.  Here’s what we liked about it. It’s beautiful: the architecture is striking and the city is located along a river with the Julian Alps in the distance. The people are friendly, helpful and speak English.  They’re also hearty. We found them eating outdoors in cafes and pubs […]